About Design360

Complimenting the pleasure of living indoors with the splendor of the Pacific Northwest outdoors.

Our proprietary process, Design360™, is a unique and powerful practice that seamlessly integrates the location, land, architecture and interior of the home to create the very best in Pacific Northwest living. It’s a depth of experience that ensures your site is planned to maximize outdoor connectivity and interior spaces that are equal parts functional, beautiful and comfortable.

We’ll help you carefully select building materials that carefully blend with nature, withstand the rigors of climate and minimize maintenance. Every aspect of your home will be carefully considered including things like: views, site clearing and grading, proximity to outdoor recreational access and more.

Call us today to find out more about our Trailside Design360™ process and meet our team of experts; waiting to guide you through the exciting process of designing your own unique living experience.

We live by one motto; Adventure Outside, as one of the largest independent community and home builders in the Pacific Northwest. Homes are built to enrich a person's life through every element by connecting them to the outdoors. The Trailside Homes team is passionate about family and community by sharing life with outdoor experiences. Learn more about why home is from Coast to Cascades.