Your New Home in 2020 – Step 2 – Home Concepts & Land Selection

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Posted on January 27, 2020

We are humbled by all of the great responses and questions to our last message regarding the first step of the custom home process.

Now, let’s dive into Step 2! At this stage of the envisioning process, you may already own your land, or have begun your search for the perfect homesite, or perhaps you have already started to design your home.

  • Let’s Get Started
  • Home Concepts & Land Selection
  • Project Launch
  • Design
  • Construction Package & Fixed Price
  • Finance & Building Permits
  • Start Construction

Step 2, Home Concepts & Land Selection, is an exciting stage as you’ll start to see your hard work and preliminary planning from Step 1, take shape – your vision is getting closer to a reality!


  • Continue refining your list of goals, priorities and aspirations from Step 1. Keep this list handy and reference it often. It should become the guiding document in all of your communications to ensure the home that’s built reflects what’s most important to you.
  • Start thinking about when you’d like to move into your new home.
  • Start a vision or Pinterest board of ideas to use as an aggregate of your likes and dislikes.
  • Start selecting trade partners who align with your custom home goals.

Using your conceptual plans, we’ll develop a realistic and achievable budget and schedule for your project.

How We Can Help

  • We consult on land before an offer is made and/or during the feasibility period to ensure the home and budget you envision will work on the homesite selected.
  • We partner with you and your architect at the early stages of architecture to advise from a construction and budget perspective.
  • We study the limitations and benefits your lot will have on your site layout and home design. Our team offers a powerful methodology called Design 360 that helps to seamlessly integrate the location, land, architecture and interior of your home to create the very best in NW living.
  • We assist in further articulation of your goals in anticipation for Step 3 – Project Launch.

Have you thought about what Step 2 looks like for you?  

Reply to this email or call me directly at 206.459.3490 – I’m excited to learn about your project and the different ways we can partner together!

Sean Northrop
Founder, CEO

P.S. Would you prefer a move-in ready home?

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