Trailside Homes Testimonials

Although we have had previous projects with other local builders with positive outcomes, we knew that the project of our forever home would not be for the faint of heart. Our project would require a builder that had the resources to complete our project within a set build time but would still give us the personal service we were looking for. We decided to call Trailside Homes. The gentleman on the other line was incredibly helpful and interested to hear all about our project. He invited us to an open house in Suncadia and we fell in love with the design and quality of the home. We wanted this house, with minor revisions, but needed it built on our lot within a different neighborhood. We learned later that the gentlemen who picked up the call on the first ring, was the owner Sean.

Our project was challenging, as it required shared well agreements, lot combinations, changes to road access, water pressure challenges, and even picking up an existing cabin and moving it to another lot. Even though some of these items were written in the contract “by owner” the Trailside team educated us, held our hand, guided us, and did much of the work every step of the way to make sure we got to the finish line. We love everything about our house and our experience through the design and home build.

We are now in the process of watching another quality home being built in our neighborhood by Trailside Homes. Our very close friends, a few lots down from ours, watched our home being built, knew that we had a wonderful experience and in just a few months they too will be enjoying their new forever home.

Eric & Kelli Hollingsworth - Signature Interiors & Design

My wife and I first came across Trailside Homes while looking to relocate to Cle Elum, WA. On a whim we walked into their office, no appointment and just really dreaming at their expense. As you can imagine the place was very busy and since we had no appointment we just said we would come back some other time. A nice man overheard this and said he had time to meet with us to talk about a Trailside home. I asked him what he did for Trailside Homes and he modestly said “ I’m the owner”. Sean explained the methodology by which Trailside builds homes and patiently answered all of our questions. We fell in love with the process and have been so happy ever since.

I have had many guests and even friends of ours who build homes, remark at the fit and finish of our beautiful home. There are no corners cut and is built solid…we have had four feet of snow sitting all winter on our roof and not a leak or even a crack in the drywall, like I said it’s just a well-built solid home.

One thing that surprised me was the view. Sean has a real gift for finding a spectacular view amidst underbrush and trees, he truly can see the forest thru the trees on land. This resulted in our view off the back patio being no less than a million-dollar view. We have had guests use those very words on more than one occasion. “That’s a million dollar view!” they exclaim and I can’t help but feel the pride of owning such an amazing home and being able to enjoy that view every morning with a cup of coffee in my hand.

Greg & Ruth Regelbrugge

Trailside Homes offered a best practice approach that really fit our needs. They made the process fun, on-time and within budget. All of our questions were answered and we dealt with an experienced custom home team from start to finish. We love our Trailside Custom Home!

John & Annette Becht

After years of searching for a property on the east side of the mountains we knew within minutes we found everything we were looking for at Trailside. A private community where we can take our kids to enjoy the outdoors only an hour and half drive away. We head over every chance we get to sled in the snow, swim in the pool or take the kids hiking. It is our home away from home.

Paul & Krissy Adams

We’ve always wanted a vacation home in the Cle Elum area and decided to have a custom home built. After meeting with multiple builders we decided to work with Trailside Homes, and are glad we did. Trailside walked us through the process of building a home that fits beautifully on our Suncadia property and has a layout that is perfect for our family. We had a great experience with Trailside and are working with them again on another Suncadia custom home.

Ben, Kate & Blake Barker

We were drawn to Trailside Homes after seeing a few examples of contemporary homes they built. When we decided we wanted to build, Sean, Jennifer and the Trailside team provided valuable perspective before we purchased our Suncadia homesite. In our first meeting, we quickly realized Trailside’s pricing structure would make the process simple and easy. Having built before and worked with builders who felt the “gotcha” add-ons or “surprise” charges are a normal part of the process, Trailside gave us confidence that the price we agreed on was the price we would pay.

The build process was exciting, but equally important, predictable. Any weather-related delays were communicated, and the team worked hard to make up for any lost time. From framers, to roofers, to the team that put in plumbing and electrical, everyone was great to work with and helped educate us when we checked in on their progress.

We couldn’t be happier with the end result. The house is awesome and Trailside has been responsive post-build in answering any questions or touching up any work that needed it. A year later, we’ve had no issues and are so glad we chose to work with Sean, Jennifer, and their amazing team!

Darren and Jessica Poznick

In the beginning, we were skeptical and unsure how the pre-sale construction process worked. We were pleasantly surprised how straight forward it was. Not having to get a construction loan saved us on interest and fees while the home was built.

Ken & Debby Krell

We’d been looking for a property for the best part of two years and nothing we had seen around the Pacific Northwest quite hit the mark. Then we decided to look east after seeing advertisements for Trailside. On paper it met many of our requirements, so one Saturday morning we drove to check the place out. It was a Sunny day and we arrived not knowing whether the mental pictures we had developed would turn out to be anywhere close. In reality it exceeded our expectations. The weather was perfect to reveal the beauty of the location, and the home we ultimately purchased – was just perfect. Modern architecture, great position and outlook, and a wonderful internal layout with huge windows to draw attention to the nature and mountain views to the North. We closed on our home late on a Friday afternoon – and with just sleeping bags, some camp chairs we spent our first wonderful weekend at our Trailside home. We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase.

Adrian & Larissa Maziak
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