Our custom process…

Contact us today to learn about our Custom Homes services; we’d love to meet, share our detailed approach to building high quality homes with certainty, and to hear your custom home ideas.  To start your new home in as little as 5 months, take a look at our Quick-Start Custom Home options by visiting The Collection.

1 – Program

Start by making a list of goals and aspirations for your new home.  How will you use your home? How would you and your family like to interact with your surroundings?  Determine your wants and needs and we’ll work together to ensure your home fits your budget. We’ll help develop realistic expectations while striving to fulfill your new home vision. We’ll also refer you to experienced local professionals to create a tailored mortgage solution for your project.


2 – Land Selection

Whether you own the perfect piece of land or are just beginning your search, we’re ready to help you select your land and perform the feasibility necessary to ensure it will be a perfect match for your home.  We provide consulting services to entitle land, or simply to investigate utility connections and confirm buildability. Once you are ready to start your search, we’ll introduce you to our partner company, Trailside Real Estate a local team with decades of Upper County real estate knowledge.


3 – Design

We work with award winning and local architects who’ve designed many beautiful homes in Upper Kittitas County and understand weather, codes, and other nuances that will save you time and money. Or, select your own architect and we would be happy to work with them. Collaborate with interior design professionals, select from our pre-selected 3-Tier finishes options offer nearly endless options, or take on the challenge yourself to make your home uniquely yours with flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, lighting and more.

Together we’ll carefully consider needs, wants, construction techniques, budget and timing considerations.  Applying a multidisciplinary approach and our knowledge of mountain environment construction, we help you create enduring value and minimize construction time and costs. Together we’ll reduce stress and allow you to enjoy the process as you create plans for your new home.


4 – Finance and Permits

During this time we’ll work with your architect to apply for a building permit, and we’ll provide details needed for your loan application  Inquired about Trailside preferred lenders. We have taken the time to vet out the best leading experts in the industry and they will be able to guild you through the custom loan process with ease.


5 – Construction

Nothing is more memorable than watching your home take shape. Our construction team will ensure every detail is constructed in accordance with your expectations and can take you behind the scenes to see all steps of construction, from the wiring and plumbing, to specific structural details. Watching and documenting the home building process is a rewarding experience. Whether you join us for a tour of your site, or you view photos online, we’ll keep you posted on progress frequently.


6 – Move-in

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! After the punch list is completed, take a grand tour of your home including any control panels and special features. We’ll provide maintenance information and answer any questions you may have. Your Trailside Home comes with a new home warranty, providing you with greater peace of mind. We look forward to being your neighbor and having a great relationship for many years to come.

We live by one motto; Adventure Outside, as one of the largest independent community and home builders in the Pacific Northwest. Homes are built to enrich a person's life through every element by connecting them to the outdoors. The Trailside Homes team is passionate about family and community by sharing life with outdoor experiences. Learn more about why home is from Coast to Cascades.