Presale Homes

A custom home without the hassle.

Let us help you select a personalized home without the custom-building hassles. Our presale homes are the opportunity for you.  Select one of our perfectly paired land + home combinations and choose from several pre-designed finish packages to customize your new home. Select your combination soon to enjoy the very best of Northwest living!

After years of land development and building communities and homes, we know the lands surrounding our area like none other. We understand the terrain, topography, views and the changes that each season brings to our mountains. It is this expertise that we lean upon when pairing our land with our home designs.  We have a select number of presale homes available today.  Each home has been perfectly matched to the land it will be built on, leaving the remaining details of interior finishing and personalizing up to you.

We live by one motto; Adventure Outside, as one of the largest independent community and home builders in the Pacific Northwest. Homes are built to enrich a person's life through every element by connecting them to the outdoors. The Trailside Homes team is passionate about family and community by sharing life with outdoor experiences. Learn more about why home is from Coast to Cascades.