We take pride in a process that’s as satisfying as the finished product.

Our 7 Step Process provides a streamlined approach to building custom homes – because we believe what gets measured gets attention.

Our team will handle all the details necessary at the beginning of your project to provide the clarity you need to move forward with confidence. We manage permits, lot fit and grading approvals and we’ll introduce you to simple financing so you can invest your time where it matters most. We’re excited to create peace of mind by providing a guaranteed total project cost, a comprehensive schedule up front and execute every detail of your specifications seamlessly along the way.


1 – Let’s Get Started.

Start by making a list of wishes, features, goals and aspirations for your new home. How will you use your home? How would you and your family like to interact with your surroundings? We’ll provide inspiration and information to ensure your project reflects your priorities and fits your budget.

2 – Home Concepts & Land Selection.

Whether you own the perfect piece of land or are just beginning your search, we’re ready to perform the feasibility necessary to ensure a perfect match for your home. Using your conceptual plans or a  review of our library of home plans,  we’ll develop a realistic and achievable budget and schedule for your project.

3 – Project Launch.

Let us get to work making your dreams a reality. Your project manager will leverage the many years of experience from the Trailside team to guide you through the Pre-Construction process.  This is an exciting time as your project plans begin to take shape.

4 – Design.

Bring your designer, architect and plans or collaborate with one of our award winning local architect and design partners who’ve created spectacular homes through the Pacific Northwest.  Or, review our extensive library of plans and wide range of finish packages to streamline your project, start your home sooner, and reduce your costs.

5 – Construction Package

With your design completed, our team will produce final structural engineering and construction plans. We’ll work with our trusted industry professionals to produce guaranteed bids for your home. With all bids complete, you’ll receive a final home price guaranteed not to change throughout your project.

6 – Finance & Building Permits.

Now that you have a complete set of construction plans, we’ll handle your building permit approval  and provide your lender with  all the details needed for loan approval. We’ll introduce you to leading experts in the construction  loan industry to guide you through the custom loan process with ease. The appraisal will be ordered and your building permit will be arriving soon.

7 – Construction.

Nothing is more memorable than watching your home take shape. Our construction team will ensure every detail is constructed in accordance with your expectations and  we will take you behind the scenes to see all steps of construction of your new home.

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! After the final punch list is completed, take a grand tour of your home. You’ll learn about  control panels, how your home functions, and other special features. We’ll provide maintenance information and answer any questions you may have. Your Trailside Home comes with a new home warranty, providing you with greater peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn about our Custom Homes process and services; we’d love to meet, share our detailed approach to building high-quality  custom homes with certainty, and to hear your  ideas.

We live by one motto; Adventure Outside, as one of the largest independent community and home builders in the Pacific Northwest. Homes are built to enrich a person's life through every element by connecting them to the outdoors. The Trailside Homes team is passionate about family and community by sharing life with outdoor experiences. Learn more about why home is from Coast to Cascades.